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Update: Week 24 Part 2

Week in Review – Week 24 (2)

Thanks for your patience! Here’s the stuff left out.


Calling Anonymous Writers: Glosslip Looking For Submissions

Dawn Olsen of Glosslip.com is looking for Anons to help write Scientology / Chanology-related material for her site. She’s also considering doing an all-Anon radio show. More info in thread.

Visual Museum of Anonymous launched

New site collecting raid videos, pics and so on.

>9000 Anon March site launched

The new site for the >9000 Anon march, the gathering on anon to march on the National Mall on July 19th, 2008. All the cool SPs will be there, will you?

Stu Wyatt (Plmymouth) arrested!

Plymouth enturbulator Stu Wyatt was arrested and charged with assault on a local Scientologist 12/06. The editor wishes to withold final judgement until the case is up in court, but feels that the fact that Stu is in a f***ing wheelchair could possibly indicate a frivolous charge.


Pirates Are Coming: A Summary of a month worth of SF/SF Bay Area flash raids

10/06/08 San Diego Candle Light Vigil

San Diego Anons hold a candle-lit vigil outside the local Org.

06-08/06/08 Flash Raid Weekend Norway

Oslo Anons warm up for Sea Arrrgh with three days of flyering and pirate shenanigans.

10/06/08 Minnesota – Overpass Sign Raid

Minnesota Anons picket on a freeway overpass, spreading the word to passing motorists. Pix.

10/06/08 Operation: Masquerade – Boston Masks the Statues

After more than a week of planning, Boston Anonymous has executed and completed Operation Masquerade, a secret operation to mask historic statues all over the Greater Boston area. In one night over a span of 4 hours, 11 Anons in 3 cars were able to mask a total of 50 statues and 9 ducks(!).

12/06/08 Denver Flash Raid

Denver anons picket their local org.


Untranslated press in other languages:

If you can help translate, please email staturday@gmail.com.


The Damage So Far: a list of leaks

Anonymous Intelligence Service – OSA info pack

A brief info-pack on OSA, with a video companion.

Saint Hill Special Briefing Course ’61-’66 Transcripts Only

Transcripts of all 437 SHSBC lectures leaked. Audio to follow on a later date.

LIFE Magazine 1968 – Scientology

Scans and transcript of a 1968 TIME feature on Scientology. Highlights include L Ron Hubbard claiming to be the living model for Mr Roberts.

Science of Survival Lectures (4 Disc)

Thetans and the tone scale explained. Not super sekrit dox, but free materials = less hookers and blow for David Miscavige.


Project Fair Pay

Reporting CoS staff abuse to workforce authorities. Have you worked staff at an Org? If you have, please read this thread.

Think Tank:


Want to propose a theme for our next protest? Read this first.

Linguistic Tactics

Getting Scilon words and terms into common usage to twist their meanings. Familiarity breeds contempt. Contempt is good.

Getting the <9000 Man March Ovar 9000

Ideas to involve Anons from all over the world in the <9000 man March at the National Mall Rally.

Possible Operation: Code Enforcement

Going over all COS buildings we know of and reporting every building code violation we can come across, costing them a shitton of money and maybe even forcing them to give their drones better living conditions.

Operation Sisyphus

An idea stolen from Soviet dissidents; slowing down the Scilon bureocracy with letters that have no meaning but are wordy and seem to have something in them.

Operation: Reach Out

A proposition to “reach out” to Scientologists, to show them that we have no problem with the parishoners, only the organisation.

Proposition-Running underground

Suggesting ‘an overall shift from public, open, and generally easy to infiltrate to clandestine, secret, and highly secure channels for local and global collaboration’, in order to make OSA’s lives a little bit harder.

Misc / Lulz:

Moneyed Britfags: “X3NUS” license plate for sale, £399

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30/05 – 05/06
June 5, 2008, 10:59 am
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Week in Review – Week 23



Scientology tries to import foreign slave labor, fails

US Department of Homeland Security denied Co$ request to use loopholes to bring in foreign Sea Org member to work for ABLE (Scientology Front Group).

Philly Anon win permit battle with COS

After a long, drawn-out permit battle and several fake COS protests, local authorities rule that Scientology are no longer allowed to apply for day-long protest permits unless they are actually having a protest.

Anonymous panel at ROFLCon

Anonymous holds a panel at ROFLCon. Video posted here.

Christian markert cancels book, refunds presales

In a rather unexpected turnabout, Christian Markert gives up on his book, offering to refund all copies sold. Discussion in thread, videos announcing his decision here and here.

Warning: Major Protest Infiltrations On The Rise

Scilons masquerading as Anonymous were handing out “fake” flyers and spreading Black PR. Discussion of how to deal with this in thread.

Discussion thread about Spylon infiltrators. How to spot them.

If you find an infiltrator at your local raid, expose them to the public immediately.

Head of local Org steals Plymouth (UK) Anonymous’ signs.

The head of the Plymouth Org steals the signs from a local picket. Whole incident is filmed, police gets involved, epic video results.

XenuTV (Mark Bunker) back on Youtube

In a starling turnabout, Youtube has reinstated BOTH of Mark Bunkers channels. Seems like the Scilon ads are gone too. WBM posts a video about it.

London Ret. Cop admits they using Scilon tactics

“Instead of calming them down, which we always used to do, you provoke them on purpose until one of them lashes out or verbally abuses you. Then you arrest him. Crime, detection, clear-up – all in a few minutes.” Discussion here. HARPOONS!

“Cult” sign controversy gets mixed response from the media.

Edinburgh police and authorities have no problems with picket signs calling Scientology a “cult”, whilst Glasgow police has some. Articles from mister-info.com and Sunday Herald.

East Grinstead (UK) Police threaten protester with arrest for using the word ‘brainwashing’

A protester at this week’s Saint Hill picket was instructed by police to remove a sign saying “Scientology is a brainwashing cult”. No arrests were made.

Scientology PayBack.org launched

A Dutch old guard has set up a site to help ex-Scientologists reclaim some of the money they’ve lost. He also painted anti-Scientology slogans on his car and parked it outside the local org.

Gregg Housh pretrial over!

Gregg Housh, a Boston Anon charged with harassment by the COS, had his pre-trial on the 29th.

Scilon Booksales down by 94%

The Scientology Bookathon (24-29th of May) is having some difficulties. By the 26th of May, 2257 books have been sold, compared to last year’s 33944. Seems our message is out there. Final stats will be posted as they arrive.

Road to May 10, 2008 – ‘Operation Fair Game: Stop’ released

The fourth installment in Pelvidar’s rousing video trilogy on Anonymous and Chanology has been released. A must-see.

New Org opens in Mailbu

Scientologists in Maulibu are busy converting a former nail salon into a new franchise.


Update: video from last week’s NY raid with Jason Beghe

04/05/08 DC flashraid ends prematurely

DC Anons attempt to raid CCHR exhibit, but were spotted by not-Scilons-honestly and “escorted out”. Audio recording of the event posted here.

31/05/08 IAS Ball Raid

Pasadena Anon raid the International Association of Scientologists Ball. Spylons spotted! Pictures here.

03/06/08 St Louis Freeway Sign Raid

St. Louis anons hit every major highway into the city early Monday morning, putting up suppressive banners on bridges and overpasses just in time for Monday rush hour

02/06/08 LA Anions raid stress test

LA Anons do a rapid response raid when a Scilon stress test table appears, creating huge downstats for the Scilons.

01/06/08 Las Vegas Flash Raid: Enturbulation Sunday

Las Vegas anon raid the local org, finding less resistance than usual as Org is running out of swag.

01/06/08 Anonymous Toronto holds 24 hour picket, has water thrown at them

Toronto anons playing RISK at a 24 hour “cult watch” have their game interrupted as local scilons treat them to a free bath.

01/06/08 NYC ANONS Flash Raid CLO-EUS
NY Anons raid Scientology’s Central Liasons Office (East Coast). Epic pics in thread.

01/06/08 UK Anons raid Saint Hill Manor

UK Anonymous raids Saint Hill, the home of L Ron Hubbard and the birthplace of Scientology. Epic pictures in thread.

30/05/08 Hug raid in Taunton, England

South England Anon handed out free hugs and informations. With video.

30/05/08 Flash Raid in Los Angeles

LA Anons met up with Magoo for a flash raid gathering people from all over California. An anon engaged an OT8 in conversation, and wrote about it here.


Is Church of Scientology ‘fair game’ policy alive and well? – Pravda.Ru

Russian article on Fair Game, Boris Korczak and Scientology.

Interview with Ursula Caberta – Badische Zeitung [original:in German]

Ursula Caberta, head of the working group on Scientology at the Hamburg interior department, calls Scientology “unconstitutional” in a recent interview with badishe Zeitung.

The Cult’s Death Ship – Badishe Zeitung [original:in German]

Article on the Freewinds / asbestos situation.

New home for Scientology? -haz.de [original: in German}

Sceintology recently started looking for properties in Hannover. reliable sources say they are looking to create an org rivalling Copenhagen in size and importance.

Private eye strikes again

UK political satire magazine publishes yet another fine article, commenting on the EpicNoseGuy “cult” affair. Scan here.

Controversial church slams protestors – Dublin People

Gerard Ryan from the Dublin Org calls protests ‘mad and laughable’ and claims maks intimidate his parishoners. Mad, laughable and fond of scare tactics? Sounds familiar.

Cult Corner – Private Eye

Private Eye, an influential satirical UK political magazine printed an article about the City of London Police/ENG court summons situation.

Cruise: Film God or Cult Billboard? – Nederlands Dagblad

Iterview with Andrew Morton and Karin Spaink in prominent Dutch Christian paper Nederlands Dagblad.

Will Smith Funds Private Scientology School – FOXNews.com

Long, critical and well researched(!) article from Fox News on Will Smith’s support of Study Tech and Scientology.

Untranslated press in other languages:

Missionsarbeit am Arbeitsplatz? – Düsseldorf – DerWesten

If you can help translate, please email staturday@gmail.com.


Celebrity Center promo magazine leaked – event dates inside!

Celebity Center promo mag leaked, containing an insert of current events.

Sea Org magazine leaked

An old issue of High Winds, the Sea Org internal magazine, has been leaked on Enturb. Scans in thread.

Mighty Miami magazine leaked

A recent issue of Mighty Miami, the internal magazine for the Miami Org, has been leaked, featuring an article on Anonymous. Scans in thread.

Income of the East US orgs

List outlining the incomes of East US Orgs leaked at Enturb. Note: list is a few months old.

New Leak from Wikileaks- Revolt in the Stars

Wikileaks is at it again, this time releasing a screenplay by L Ron Hubbard (about Xenu, no less).

The Command Channels of Scientology leaked

Scilon documents explaining the command structure and “inner workings” of the orgshas been leaked. Scans in thread.

Please save a copy, as the source is under constant attack.

Letters and photos leaked

Various short documents leaked, concerning the Sea Org, Narconon and the running of Orgs. Also; photos of LRH.


How can I help?

READ THIS! A thread on Enturb listing most running projects and how to get involved.

[Operation over the Wall – Postcards written: 3203]

Follow the Money

A thread about Raymond Hill’s ongoing efforts to chart the flow of money in Scientology.

Operation Remedy

Super-sekrit Swedish plan targeting Narconon. Information about Narconon urgently needed!

Can you help?

Sydney Org plans boat trip on June 14th (protest day)

The Sydney Org has invited all its members to a cruise around Sydney harbor on July 14th. Would be a damn shame if some pesky pirates showed up.

I need a Camden (London) Anon to do a job for me

Looking for a Camden resident (and local taxpayer) to help closing down a certain cult outlet on the Tottenham Court Road (London), with the help of the Camden Trading Standards Office.

Can you help?

Americans! A plan to get the Scn Tax looked at!

Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa is currently calling for investigation into the tax affairs of six churches, concerned that taxpayers are “taken for a ride”. This project aims to draw his attention to the tax exempt status of Scientology, as a step along the way to having it revoked.

Operation: Disclaimer

Informing the public by sticking fliers (disclaimers) in Scientology texts in libraries and bookstores.

Think Tank / General Discussion:

Operation Bluetruth

Using Bluetooth technology for viral marketing.

RPF Targeted Raid Idea

Raid ideas to draw attention to the abuses of the Rehabilitation Project Force; ‘ask me why I’m wearing shackles’.

Idea: set up an Open Scientologist Forum

Discussing the merits of setting up an open forum for Scentologists to discuss Scientology away from Org surveillance.

Proposed-Operation: Coffee Shop Copypasta

Recruiting the activist college crowd through poetry slamming. Seriously. Anon poetry(!) in thread.

Happy Scilon vs. Me: A Youtube Convo

Halfdark posts a long and impressively civilized conversation he had on Youtube with a happy public scientologist.

Let’s critique Applied Scholastics (Study Tech)

A dissection of Scientology Study Tech (Scilon pedagogy). Make sure you clear all your MU’s!

Reading Festival 2008

Planning anonymous’ presence at this year’s Reading festival.

Setting a world record

Discussion about trying to set a Guinness World Record to drawn attention to the cause. Worlds largest rickroll, anyone?


Scn: The Truth about our Enemies Event

Fed Up With “Crackpot Theories,” Mary-Kate Olsen Turns To Scientology

Leaving Scientology is hard to do – but I have to, thanks to Anonymous

The Hunt for Scientology’s Salman Rushdie

Kendra From ExSCientologyKids got married, Scilon parents joined celebration

Congratulations from all of us!

Pirate Music Pack (for your Sea Arrrgh CDs)


Watch Xenu duke it out with Jesus and Buddha in FaithFighter

Tom Cruise promoting LRH book on sex

Xenu, Galactic Tyrant Custom Action Figure

Guy hacking Sci answering machines

anonymous, scientology, marcabia, July 14, February 10, April 12, March 15, dianetics, anon, chanology

22/05 – 29/05

Week in Review – Week 22

Public service announcement: How to identify Scientologist infiltrators (Spylons)

Update: articles translated


Tracklist: Will Smith Scientology School News Articles

27/05/08 NYC HOPE convention wants Anonymous panel!

The upcoming Hackers On Planet Earth conference is seeking Anons for a panel. The panel is in July, from the 18th to the 20th, at the Hotel Pennsylvania in Manhattan. Click thread if you’re interested!

28/05/09 Anonymous meet Andrew Morton in Amsterdam

Andrew Morton was in Amsterdam yesterday to promote the translation of the Tom Cruise Unauthorized Biography. Anonymous got invited and epic win was had, as well as much Dutch press attention.

27/05/08 Christian Markerts book “Scientology Welcome to Hell” released for ordering.

Author Christian Markert, who recently lost his publishing contract due to relentless fair gaming and threats by the COS, is releasing his book through Marcab Press.

23/05/08 Memphis Org closed, to be made into residences

The property housing the Church of Scientology Mission of Memphis has sold to David Slaughter, the church’s “mission holder,” to be converted into residences.

22/05/08 Toronto Anon drenched with water by Edmund Yee at flash-raid

Toronto Anon enturbulate Edmund Yee so hard he throws water at them.


29/05/08 Jason Beghe Joins New York Anon for protest

Jason Beghe, Ex-scilon actor and all-round tough guy joined NY Anons for a protest in Bryant park today. Pics/vids will be posted as they arrive.

28/05/08 Birmingham anon fined for handing out fliers.

A mini raid on the “org” in Birmingham today ended with four demonstrators handing out leaflets being issued with £50 fixed penalty tickets by Police and a Birmingham city warden under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act.

28/05/08 Israel mini-raid yields fair gaming

A previously undisclosed mini-raid was executed by unaffiliated anons on an Israeli WISE shell org . Anons were unmasked, filmed, and threatened with legal action.

26/05/08 Mini-raid in Budapest, Hungary hits largest .hu newsportal headline

Hungarianon hit a local Dianetics event, enturbulating the scions massively. The second biggest Hungarian news portal as well as late night news on Hungarian TV.

23/05/08 – Fembot Raid v 2.0 I Perth, Australia.

FIVE hours. TWO raids. FIVE fembots. THREE gender-confused anons
ONE pirate barber . And JAMES!

24/05/08 – Flash Raid in Houston, Texas

Dianetics Day at the Houston Org enturbulated by Texanon.

25/05/08 Toronto: Pedestrian Sunday Recruit & Raid & Global Suppression Raid

Toronto anon strike twice in 24 hours for epic win and enturbulation.

25/05/08 20 Scilons vs 3 Anons in Brixton, London.

London flash raid hits Scilon recruitment stands. Scilons call police, police shrugs.

26/05/08 DC Anons hold 24-hour tea party in front of Org

Anonymous of D.C. kicked off the Summer of Lulz with a 24-hour Tea Party! Marcabian servicemen partied in front of the Founding Church of Scientology all day and all night.


Intergalactic tyrants beware: the boys in blue are after you – the guardian.co.uk

’Anyone who thinks the police aren’t interested in diversity will be amazed by the links they have built with Scientology’

French Documentray on Scientology subtitled by French Anons

A one-hour documentary on Scientology that aired on French TV earlier this month has been subtitled and uploaded to you tube by French anons.

Scientology is on the attack? – news blaze.com

Newsblaze.com on Christian Markert and Tom Cruise.

Glosslip Radio interviews ex-Sea Org member

Ex-Sea Org member Maureen Bolstad tells her story of escaping the secret Gold Base in Hemet, California.

NY Scientology Chief: “I Smell Pussy” – Village Voice

”When Rev. John Carmichael, president of the Church of Scientology of New York, came face-to-face with a small contingent of Anonymous protestors this past Monday, he didn’t engage them in a spiritual debate. Instead, he leaned into one member on a Times Square street and said, “Let me tell you this: I smell pussy.”

Scientology’s grip hurts downtown Clearwater – SP Times

”Whatever the true intent of the Scientology leadership is, they have yet to convince many that the group as a whole is any benefit to this city.”

Andrew Morton and Anonymous on Tom Cruise and Scientology – Nederland 1

Interview with Andrew Morton and an Anonymous member on TC and Scientology, aired on Dutch tv channel Nederland 1.

Caitlin Moran: C-word incident makes me cringe with shame – The Times (UK)

”It’s not often that I’m embarrassed to be British. Generally, I think this country rocks – we have tea, Pembrokeshire and Doctor Who – but holy moly, last week we looked like a confederacy of arses.”

28/05/08 Biographer: Tom Cruise is a man of black and white [orginal: in Dutch]

Andrew Morton interviewed in Dutch newspaper about Scientology, Tom Cruise and his book

Translation by TrevAnon

28/05/08 Andrew Morton warns for messiah Tom Cruise [original: in Dutch]

Andrew Morton argues that the media need to pay closer, more critical attention to Tom Cruise.

Translation by TrevAnon

Scientology may jeopardize your credit information [original:in Finnish}

Finnish article describing how cientology might(!) be dangerous to the economy of its members. Distinguishing features of many companies of Finnish Scientologists are shaky finances and lost credit.

Translation by possibly quarky. Also thx to Anne O’Nymous.

Untranslated press in other languages:

Maszkkal a szcientológia ellen- index.hu

If you can help translate, please email staturday@gmail.com.


Scientology censored Helatrobus lectures (1963) on Wikileaks

Wikileaks strikes again, releasing a censored LRH lecture on alien implants.


How can I help?

READ THIS! A thread on Enturb listing most running projects and how to get involved.

URGENT: Info about the UK RPF needed!

Info/dox needed for super secret UK misson.

HM Customs Want To Investigate Working wages UK – Help Needed!

Britanon called HM Customs and Revenue and informed them that the COS pays their employees well below minimum wage. Customs and revenue said they will investigate, but the more input and stories they get, the easier it will be.

If you are a former UK staff member, or know former staff, please reply to the thread and you’ll be put in touch with the relevant people.

Operation Data Protection Shield

Using the UK Data Protection Act to expose Fair Game.

If you’re a British ex-sci, or know that the COS has collected information on you, please consider contributing. Note that participants will be namefagged.

Project Andromeda

Viral marketing through dropping cards marked with www.youfoundthecard.com in public places.

Grab some FREE BUSINESS CARDS and start Enturbulating!

Operation Dollar Strike

Mark your money with www.youfoundthecash.com.


Operation Over the Wall: Postcards from Paradise

Sending postcards to the people improsoned by Scientology in the RPF and SP Hall. Postcards written so far: 3137!

Sending postcrads is cheap, easy, and shows the prisoners that there are people on the outside waiting if they escape. Do it!

Think Tank:

Operation Sea Arrrgh

Ideas for the pirate-themed July 14 protest.

Operation Silent Prescence

Viral marketing on an epic scale. A must-read!

Ideas for the National Mall Rally

Debate and discussion concerning the 19/07 DC National Mall Rally.

Halloween 08

Trick or treating with a twist.

Wanted for crimes against humanity: David Miscavige

Taking the fight to the Poison Dwarf. Not even Scientologists like him!

A protocol for scientology invitations to talk

An attampt to create a unified repsonse to the recent spate of invitations from scientologists aksing Anon to show up for “talks”.

PS: We know it’s almost certain to be a trap attempt, that’s the frigging point!

Buses needed… any ideas?

‘A few of us have been discussing driving out to Hemet, once/week
to see if we can rescue Sea Org members, for some years now.’

Can you help?

Theme for July

Discussion about July’s theme. Duh.

Lulz + Mystery = Win

Reclaiming our sexy mysterious image for the greater good!

Bringing back the fight to the intertubes

Stepping up our online attacks on Scientology.

Operation Free Chef

A proposed operation focusing on the COS’ obsession with and exploitation of celebrities.

Quiz to engage the public at protest

This is YOUR chance to win delicious blue asbestosfloss!

Anonymous stress tests

Beating the scilons at their own game. Our stress tests work!

Needed: Creative people who could spare a little time

Looking for people to write flyer/infopacks to police, interest groups etc.

Can you help?


Tom Cruise launches Web site – MSN Entertainment News

Mmmm. Exploitable.

anonymous, scientology, marcabia, July 14, February 10, April 12, March 15, dianetics, anon, chanology

Public Service Announcement
May 29, 2008, 11:25 am
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How to identify Scientologist infiltrators

Recently, reports have been coming in about Scientology Infiltrators (Spylons) at Anonymous protests around the world. We here at staturday care deeply about the continued safety of our Marcabian brothers and sisters, and have therefore compiled a little guide to recognizing a Spylon in its natural habitat. It’s tricky, but it can be done.

Here’s an example. See if you can tell which is which.

Hint: the spai is the on on the top.

Here’s more.

Spylon to the left.

More differences:

Scilon Music:

Anonymous music:

Additionally, Scilons in the wild exhibit characteristic behaviors that can be used to identify them:

Hope this have been helpful.

Should you spot a Spylon, the Staturday staff reccomend starting a rousing chorus of Glory Marcabia quickly point them out to fellow Anons, as their puny huaman larynxes can’t get to the sub-frequencies in the bridge.

Stay safe, stay enturbulating.

Glory Marcabia.

Update: Translations added
May 2, 2008, 11:30 am
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28/05/08 Biographer: Tom Cruise is a man of black and white [orginal: in Dutch]

Andrew Morton interviewed in Dutch newspaper about Scientology, Tom Cruise and his book

28/05/08 Andrew Morton warns for messiah Tom Cruise [original: in Dutch]

Andrew Morton argues that the media need to pay closer, more critical attention to Tom Cruise.

Big thanks to TrevAnon for translations.

Scientology may jeopardize your credit information [original:in Finnish}

Finnish article describing how cientology might(!) be dangerous to the economy of its members. Distinguishing features of many companies of Finnish Scientologists are shaky finances and lost credit.

Translation by possibly quarky. Also thx to Anne O’Nymous.

Still untranslated:

Maszkkal a szcientológia ellen- index.hu

If you can help translate, please email staturday@gmail.com.