Enturbulation.org Week in Review


Chanology FAQ ¦ Why We Protest

Current Raid: July 12 Spy vs. Sci

Enturbulation.org – the Mothership

Find Anon near you: Local Forums

Anonymous original Message to Scientology:

The Road to February 10th by Pelvidar, explaining where we’re from and why we’re here.

More Pelvidar videos:

Onward – Road to March 15

Reconnect – Road to April 12

Operation Fair Game:Stop (Battletoad Earth)

A history of Chanology posted by theframeproblem.wordpress.com

AnonAus.com: a public source of information about the Church of Scientology and activism against said organisation. Targetted at an uninformed reader, AnonAus.com contains basic information exposing the Church of Scientology including Government inquiries into the organisation.

Anonymous Info Pack – all the facts


scientology silent birth 21

katie holmes




what is scientology


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