Enturbulation.org Week in Review


This blog is, put simply, a summary of last week’s activity on Enturbulation.org.

It is intended as a resource for those who find the mass of information available on Enturb too much to keep up with. The selections is entirely subjective; if your thread didn’t make it, it probably should have sucked less. If you’re convinced I missed something vital, please comment.

This blog will run as long as the editor has time and energy to do it. If you like it, please consider contributing. Email staturday@gmail.com for information on how to help, or post in this thread.

And to whoever took the picture I shamelessly stole to make my header: good job!

Disclaimer: this blog is in no way run by Enturbulation.org or its staff. It’s purely a utility made for and by forum users.



Staturday – Anonymous/Scientology-Related Link Aggregator

scientology silent birth 21

katie holmes




what is scientology

anonymous 23
scientology 22
enturbulation weekly 12
enturbulation 10
enturb 10
edmond yee church of scientology 7
sea arrgh flag 6
staturday 6
enturbulation.org 6
anonymous scientology 5
enturbulation.org june 2008 4
marcabian confederacy 4
gregg housh 4
buffalo scientology 4
enturbulation operation sea 3
scientology is a lie 3
(https://staturday.wordpress.com 3
subgenius 3
operation sea org sydney 2
senator charles e. grassley and scientol 2
anonymous scientology july protest 2
scientology mission liberty ny 2
sceintology 2
enturbulation.org gregg trial 2
sea arrrgh! edinburgh photos 2
ambiguous sign 2
anti-anon flyer 2
enturbulate org 2
staturday.wordpress.com 2
chuck grassley scientology psychiatry 2
international association of scientologi 2
toronto scientology andrew 2
perkins scientology 2
l ron hubbard “history of earth” 2
tyske ludder 2
anonymous scientology slash 1
scientology raid enturbulation 1
christian markert marcab book 1
brighton subgenius 1
scientology chicago anonymous sea 1
site:staturday.wordpress.com 1
“operation safezone” 1
anonymous anti-anon flyer pic 1
toronto protester 1
scientology protest chicago sea org 1
anonymous andrew morton 1
franchise pictures scientology front gro 1
enturbulation news wordpress 1
anonymous scientology hamburg 1
enturbulation.org july protest


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