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27/06 – 03/07
July 11, 2008, 12:20 am
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Wanted: San Francisco Anon for SF Weekly Interview

Week in Review – Week 27


Gregg’s Pre-Trial Pushed Again to August 4 2008

Using the same stalling tactics as they did last time, the Scilons continiue to draw out Gregg’s trial. On could almost get the impression they’re afraid their case won’t hold water.

Toronto Anons no longer allowed to protest outside the Org

After 5 months of peaceful protesting, Toronto police decide that Anon need to be kept away from the sidewalk outside the Toronto Org, threatening them with fines should they fail to comply.

The Will Smith media megathread

A thread gathering media mentions of Will Smith’s recent affilations with Scientology.

Church of Scientology buys Falls School Business Center

The Church of Scientology Religious Trust has bought the historic Fall School Business Center in Nashville.

News from the front:

All Week, Toronto: Toronto Anons proved this week that they are some of the most relentless and dedicated enturbulators anywhere with almost daily raids of the Toronto org. You make us all proud.

27/06/08 – Tel Aviv: Israel Anons hold their first flash raid. Welcome aboard, keep all limbs inside the vehicle.

30/06/08 – London: The planned CCHR protest at the Royal College of Psychology was canceled: it seems the CCHR had found out that another group would be conter-protesting at the same site…

30/06/08 – LA: LA Scilons attempt namefag an LA anon who was facefagged 3 months ago. In related news, achevng the state of clear gives, amongst other benefits, perfect recall.

01/07/08 – Berlin: During Tuesdays flash raid Berlin Anons were approached by an older lady, who thanked anon for their efforts and presented them with Ducky as a token of thanks.

03/07/08 – Plymouth: Stu Wyatt, the Plymouth protester arrested last month participated in his first picket after his arrest.


27/06/08 – Hamburg CCHR RaidVideo

27/06/08 – New York

27/06/08 – Tel Aviv, Israel

28/06/08 – Berlin, Germany

28/06/08 – Auckland NZ

28/06/08 – Tustin, Orange County

29/06/08 – East GrinsteadVideo

28/06/08 – Los Angeles

29/06/08 – Hollywood, LA

29/06/08 – Wiesbaden, Germany

19/06/08 – New York

30/06/08 – Detroit

01/07/08 – Canada Day Raid, Ottawa

01/07/08 – Berlin

03/07/08 – Amsterdam

03/07/08 – Plymouth Stress Test Raid

Raids (Toronto):

26/07/08 – Toronto Flash Raid

27/07/08 – Toronto: the return

29/07/08 – Toronto: this time it’s personal

30/07/08 -Toronto: a force of nature

01/07/08 – Toronto: never gonna give you up


The mean trick of the soul-catchers – Hamburger Morgenpost [original: in German]

Great German article on the CCHR and their anti-psych propaganda.

Ex-Scientologist is active in education – frankenpost.de [original: in German]

German article about ex-sci Jeanette Schweitzer, her experiences in Scientology and her efforts to prevent others from falling into the same trap as she did.

Anons Flash Scientology – torontoist.com

Great pics and a balanced but overall positive article. Mentions the recent spate of black PR, but doesn’t take a stand in either direction.

Anti-Scientology group on attack – nydailynews.com

Nice article on Anonymous and Operation Spy vs Sci, talking about fair game and OSA.


>9000 beds needed

Looking for DC anons with a bed to spare for the >9000 March.

Operation: Safezone

Cataloging and reporting all bulding code violations in Scilon buildings. No nit unpicked. No floorplan untouched.

General Discussion / Think Tank:

Fake SP Declares

Shooping our own SP declares and sending them to local orgs to confuse and enturbulate.

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