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04/07 – 10/07
July 11, 2008, 12:23 am
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Week in Review – Week 28


Another CoS front group: ‘Writers Of The Future’

Writers of the Future is a CoS front group for Science fiction fans.

Preying for the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan

Scientologist plan to put Scientology Basics books in care packages. Harpoons?

Jason Beghe interviewed on Today TonightVideo

Jason beghe interviewed on Australian TV about Scientology’s child labour and Xenu.

Narconon patient hijacks car to escape ‘rehab’

A 19 year old patient at Narconon’s Stone Hawk clinic in Battle Creek Michgan highjacked a car using a letter opener to escape from the facility, telling his mother he had ‘no other options’.

X-Day: Thanks To Anonymous Who Attended

The Church of the SubGenus thank Anon for coming to X-day.

News from the front:

05/07/08 – LA: In a move to prevent their members of seeing anything enturbulating the LA org procured permits allowing them to shut down LRH Way (the street the org is on) as well as a few surrounding streets, denying entry to anonymous and residents alike. The peak of asshattery occured when a disabled resident trying to get to her house was denied entrance. However, this old lady was not so easily bullied. They also put up “No Anon Allowed” signs in stores without asking the store owners.

05/07/08 – London: London Anon were present at the Gay Pride Parade last Saturday, giving out free hugs.

05-06/07/08 – Washington DC: DC anons held another 24-hour tea party, with Risk, bagels and OTIII written on the sidewalk.Our hat’s off to all of you, especially the anon who decided to go on a 24 hour hunger strike for great truth and justice.

04/07/08 – Clearwater: It seems the Scilons are now using the recent hacking of hip-hop sites in their black PR material. Yes, scientology. Totally the same group.

04/07/08 – San Diego: San Diego Anons stake out their claims as the greatest trolls in all of Chanology by announcing yet another ‘fake’ raid, shutting down the San Diego org. You might read our boards, but we still own you.

04/07/08 – Plymouth: Stu Wyatt rigs his (heroic) ex Billie with a hidden camera and sends her into the Plymouth org to apply for a job. Not surprisingly, the application form is a little creepy.


[In the interest of saving time and space, this section will now list raids without descriptions. Anything newsworthy will be added above]

04/07/08 Clearwater Flash RaidVideo

04/07/08 LA Flash RaidVideo

05/07/08 Bristol Flash Raid

05/07/08 London Gay Pride Hug Raids

05/07/08 New York City Flash RaidVideo

05/07/08 Los Angeles Raid: Failwinds maiden voyage

05-06/07/08 DC 24hr vigil: Tea Party II

06/07/08 Mountain View Flash Raid

06/07/2008 DuckyRaid II, Berlin Germany

08/07/08 Goeppingen, Germany Flash Raid

08/07/08 Chick Corea Concert Flash Raid


Anonymous’ Creepy New Get-Up – radaronline.com

Radar Online credits the recent apperance of strange faceless people to anon. We’re not sure, but what the hell.

Scientology Nation: L. Ron Hubbard’s otherworldly salvation plan erupts on Montana’s Blackfeet Reservation – slweekly.com

Feature article about Scientology cozying up to Montana’s Blackfoot Reservation, as well as general info on Anon, Scientology and Xenu.

Scientology’s Crushing Defeat – villagevoice.com

An article by Tony Ortega that was initially pulled (in 2002) about a former member who won 2,5 million dollars in a lawsuit against the church, only to have Scientology refuse payment for more than 16 years. Quite long, but a good read.

Scientology targets city – the Argus

Article about the COS’ plans to expand their operations in Sussex (UK).

Scientologists giving anti-drug lectures in public schools – denic.cz [original: in Czech]

Article about Scientology’s “no to drugs, yes to hubbard” programme currently being pushed in Czech schools.

Battle against the Church of Scientology: An Anonymous cell in Québec is born – cyberpresse.ca [original: in French]

Short article summarising the history and purpose of Chanology, as well as short interview suondites from Canadanons.


London Congress on Human Problems (1956)

In which LRH tells you how to solve all your problems.


Advice from Liberty on UK protest law

UK group Liberty gives some good advice on how to work around protest laws.

Ex-Sea Org and Scientology staff: Make your claim to Social Security

If you’ve worked on staff in an Americn org, you are entitled to social security. This thread givs hints on how to claim it.


Another youfoundthecard variation. Concrete plans in thread.

Operation: Of the Nation

Getting Mark Bunker / Arnie Lerma on NPR’s Talk of the Nation.

General Discussion / Think Tank:

Is our cult learning?

The cult seems to be laerning how to withstand our monthly protests. It might be time to spread our efforts into new “markets”; front groups, WISE corporations and so forth.

Combating dead agenting – Discussion

Discussion on how to turn Scilon black PR to our advantage. Anti-dead agenting flyers in thread.

Using Youth As A Weapon

Attacking the Scilon PR machine by drawing attention to the fact that many of the people fair gamed are minors.

Click the image to open in full size.


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you missed an extremely important gay pride protest in toronto that resulted in a physical confrontation : http://forums.enturbulation.org/15-media/scientology-promotes-hatred-attacks-anonymous-gay-pride-toronto-21629/

Comment by s

you also missed the battle creek, michigan protest assault.


Comment by bah

thanks for all your hard work notapplicable, very much appreciated

Comment by anyoldanon

Jason Beghe is epic win.

Comment by Rawr

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