Enturbulation.org Week in Review

20/06 – 26/06

Week in Review – Week 26

Are you an Anon living in Sicily? Read this thread!

The epic Sea Arrgh pix thread – add them here!


Calling all Victoria, BC Anon!

Victoria Scilons will be hosting a free Dianetics seminar on June the 28th. A flash raid would be in order.

Iowans Plan to Launch IRL Petition and Meet with Sen. Grassley!

The last couple weeks, Anons in Iowa have been working on a little legal project. At the end of the summer, IowAnons hope to meet face to face with Senator Grassley (who is already investigating the tax abuses of other religions) and present him with a petition calling for CoS’s exempt status to be investigated.

Cult conference and Anonymous video interview with Ursula Caberta

Stuttgart Anons get invited to a cult conferance hosted by EBIS (literally: Parent initiative for self-help against new religious groups). At the conference, they interview Ursuly Caberta, a long-time critic of Scientology and one of the central people attempting to get Scientology banned in Germany.

Scilons pose as Anonymous handing out flyers at Toronto flash-raid

The pesky Scilons are back, posing as Anon and handing out their Anonymous FAQ fliers. Toronto Anons set a great example on how to handle the handlers.

Ex-Sci & Long Time Cult Critic Nan McLean supports Anonymous

For speaking the truth, the cult viciously fair gamed Nan McLean in the 70’s, including staging a mock funeral for her. She showed up at Sea Arrrgh in Toronto to lend her support and got a huge round of applause from Toronto Anons.

Scientology Front Group Founder of Guardian Art Responds : I am going to murder you

The owner and founder of Guardian Art, a known Scientology Front Group, which recently has tried to cover up it’s connections with Scientology states on YouTube that he is going to murder members of anonymous and states that his members are trained to ‘physically handle’ Anons.

Google complies with Scientology and censors parody site

Google delists a page about the head of OSA London. Don’t be evil my entire ass.


25/06/08 Mountain View mini raid

Mountain View Anons raid the Scilons on Staturday eve. Unable to leave (due to impending Staturday), handlers are sent out. They fail.

22/06/08 San Diego fake “fakeraid” trolls Scilons yet again

On the tails of their previous fake raid, San Diego anons set up a new one, and manages to convince the ocal Scilons it’s a fake, lowereing their defences just as the Anons pounce. Video in thread.

22/06/08 Germany, Berlin, Potsdamer Platz & 24/06/2008 Germany, Berlin, Wilmersdorfer Strasse

Two raids in a week! Berlin Scilons send out their cult recruitment carts. Anon are, as always, present.

21/06/2008 LA flash raid feat Magoo, Tommy Gorman and many more

Tommy Gorman, Magoo, Anon and several other ex-Sci’s picket the LA testing centre. The centre is quickly closed down, and not a single Scilons appears. Video in thread.

21/06/08 NYC solitary mini-raid on 34th Street

NY Anon xfool4now raids both the local Sci office and cult cart, accompanied only by his huge brass balls.

21/06/08 Germany, Berlin, Kudamm/Joachimsthaler Strasse

Two Berlin Anon picket a cult recruitment cart.

21/06/08 St. Louis Raid

St. Louis Anons picket outside a Scilon lecture hall as a lecture is in process.

20/06/08 Amsterdam chalk raid

Amsterdam Anon leave enturbulating messages for local Scilons. Video in thread.

20/06/08 Las Vegas Night Raid

Super sekrit Las Vegas Raid, complete with pictures. Scilons put cover their windows with thrash bags to keep the enturbulating influences at bay.

20/06/08 Mountain View/Palo Alto CA Flash Raid

CA Anons do a double whammy of delicious radiage, Scilons send out counter-protesters .

20/06/08 Second Hamburg (Germany) Flash Raid

Germanons follow up last weeks flash raid. Video in thread.

20/06/08 Los Angeles PajamAnon Raid

LA Anons don kimonos and pajamas for an epic raid of the LA testing centre.

19/06/08 Brighton (UK) Miniraid

Small Staturday miniraid in Brighton. Scilons send out teenaged handler, /b/tards attempt trolling, both fail.

19/06/08 Plymouth – Manchester On The Road

Manchester Anons pay Plymouth and Stu Wyatt a visit. Video in thread.

18/06/08 Toronto Flashraid

Toronto Anons hold a four-hour flash raid. Scilons wisely refrain from attempting to handle them.


Say no to drugs and Eurofoot – Le Matin Bleu (Switzerland)

Swiss free newspaper writes on Scientology’s anti-drugs front groups. Original and translation in thread.

Religion Dispatches on Anonymous vs Scientology

Summer senere

Scientology: the Anonymous protestors – timesonline.co.uk

A reporter from the Times joins the London protest for a great “inside view” article on Anonymous. Make sure to comment; this is the kind of journalism we need!

Scientology’s Holy War – maisonneuve.org

“Bruce Livesey investigates how former inner-sanctum member Gerry Armstrong became the Salman Rushdie of Scientology”. Long, good interview with Gerry Armstrong, an OG critic forced into exile by Scilon harrassment. Comments are open.

Untranslated press in other languages:

Homo’s: pas op voor Scientology – gay.blog.nl

Massive CoS/anon article in Globes (Israeli newspaper)

If you can help translate, please email staturday@gmail.com.



Slaughter the Narconon cash cow

Exposing and destroying Scientology’s drug rehabilitations scam and the dangerous and unscientific methods it uses.

Operation: Safezone

Finding and reporting every building code violation of every Sci building we can, improving life for their members and costing the Sci Org a good deal of money in the process. All the tools you need to participate is in the thread and this wiki.

DC or Bust

SF Anons are planning an epic roadtrip, finishing at Washington DC and stopping by as many Orgs as possible on the way.

SF Anons need contacts in several US cities to pull this off. Click thread to see if you can help.

Amnesty International Update 06/24/08

Due to the actions of a few dilligent Anons, Amnesty International is investigating the working comnditions faced by imported labour (teens) at Flag.

If you have any info on the Flag base or Clearwater RPF, make sure to click the thread.

Think Tank / General Discussion:

Operation Golden Door / Operation Talking Heads

A two-pronged attack: setting up a press conferance at Gold Base to let ex-staff air their grievances, as well as spreading info about the abuses at Gold through viral video. Crossposted from OCMB.

Operation Follow the Money

Investigating ties between Scientologists and politicians using publicly available databases of political donations.

Operation: Tails on Tales

Editing in links to anti-Sci sites in trailers for movies starring Scientologists and uploading them on youtube.

Project Angry Red Dwarf [The Coordinated Campaign Against Miscavige]

Going after the head of RTC, David Miscavige, a man personally responsible for some of the worst of Scientology’s recent abuses and so unpopular that even Scilons want to see him out.

UK anon – Police intimidation and threat to Civil Liberties

Thread proposing that UK Anons shift some of their energy towards standing up for civil liberties, benefiting the anti-Scientology cause in the process.


Tom Cruise is dangerous and irresponsible – the Journal of Clinical Investigation


Cruising with Tom Cruise – poetry about Tom Cruise

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Scientology is first and foremost organized crime. Scientology holds the distinction of having committed the single most widespread act of domestic espionage against the United States in our nation’s history in an operation the corporation calls “Operation Snow White,” a project which the Scientology corporation has never canceled despite 11 of its top ringleaders being sent to prison (L. Ron Hubbard fled from Federal officers and hid at Gilman Hot Springs while he let his wife take the fall.)


The syndicate’s quack front they call “NarCONon” is another profound and disturbing scam being committed against society. Not only does their insane NarCONon quack notions not work, it can maim and has some times killed, and even more disturbing, it diverts people away from REAL drug treatment facilities — and drains their victim’s bank accounts by some $20,000 bucks which is the whole point.


How insane is that?

Avoid Scientology at all costs.

My opinions only and only my opinions.

Comment by Fredric L. Rice

Quick translation of the article “Homo’s: pas op voor Scientology – gay.blog.nl”

Gays: watch out for Scientology

June 25, 2008 16:32: Erik Feenstra

All over the world people are preparing for the annual Gay Prides in full swing. In many countries this still is not possible, often through the agency of the church, or by an orthodox attitude towards people who are a little different. A ‘church’, which is still sometimes skipped – and to show, wrongly – is the Church of Scientology. This church, or sect, or according to many institution that is dangerous to the country believes that “perverts” should be in quarantine and belong under lock and bolt. Or: must undergo an in-depth ‘scientologist’ treatment until they are ‘dignified creatures’ again. And who are perverts? Who certainly belong to them? Yes! It will once again be: people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

“In the Scientology holy book ‘Dianetics’ from the early 50’s there is a passage that the modern reader should frighten: “Sexual perversion is actually a psychological disease.” What, according to Dianetics, is perverse? Everything that flocks to deviant behaviour, such as homosexuality, lesbian sex, promiscuity and sadism. Ron Hubbard, author of the book “Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health” thinks of our kind of people as ‘evil, unreliable and extremely dangerous to society. ” In his subsequent book “Science of Survival” he proposes a fixed scale from -3 to +4, for people to classify and to measuere human behavior. ‘Perverts’, people like us, receive a 1.1 on his scale. Our kind of people ‘has (unconsciously) set as their goal the destruction of lives, property and reputation.” It’s just that we know! I suddenly look a bit different to some film stars, that would be members of this sect, excuse me, church.

Comment by Trevanon

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