Enturbulation.org Week in Review

13/06 – 19/06

Week in Review – Week 25

How to Stage an Effective Protest – from a press photographer’s perspective

Are you an ex-Sci still recieving Scientology mail or emails? Read this thread.

Operation Sea Arrrgh Post-Game

Sea Arrrgh Ends in Success – Chanology News

A compilation of speeches from saturday’s worldwide picket

Sea Arrrgh Pictures from LAist.com

Sea Arrrgh Pictures from SFist.com


Pelvidar’s ‘The Road To’ collection available on DVDClick for Torrent

Anonymous San Fransisco Calendar – 18 Months of Unf

Possible fair game or police abuse in Sydney

Sydney Anon following scientologists handing out anit-Anon fliers were stopped and physically assaulted by undercover ‘police officers’ in what is either a case of deplorable police brutality or Scilons impersonating the police.

Angry Gay Pope Stalked for Two Days!

Hollywood Anon Angry Gay Pope picks up a Scilon tail after operation Sea Arrgh. Update posted here; pics of stalkers.

Celebrity Rehab doctor apologises after Cruise remarks

Dr Drew Pinsky, the Celebrity Rehab therapist, has apologised after questioning Tom Cruise’s mental health and his reasons for joining Scientology. Tom Cruise proves his sanity by calling Pinsky a Nazi.

Anonymous to Attend SubGenius festival

The Church of the SubGenius has invited Anonymous to take part in X-Day, its annual End of the World festival in New York, on July 2nd to July 6th, 2008.

New Dianetics Book Site Launched by the Church of Scientology

Scientology launces dianteics.org to commemorate the scam that started it all. (Links to official Scilon press release).

San Diego – Flag World Tour – 21/06/08

The Flag World Tour hits San Diego 21/06. Calling all anons!

Censorship of COS News Results (Comcast / Google)

Scientology news results on Comcast (supplied by Google) show no articles newer than five months old. Harpoon targets in thread.

Anti-Anonymous Co$ propaganda distributed in Vancouver June 14

Scilons spread anti-Anon fliers on Operation Sea Arrrgh. Transcripts in thread. Make sure to read it, and be prepared to counter.

X-Zone interview with Scientologists / Anons

Last week, X-Zone (internationally syndicated radio show) had two Anon on the air, talking about Chanology. This week, it is the Scilon’s turn. More details and links in thread.

Tommy Gorman clashes with Scientologists

Ex-Sci Tommy Gorman has two seperate Scientologists attempt to take away his camera at Operation Sea Arrrgh.

New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids

Galaxy Art is a Sci front group, teaching children self defence and (covertly) L Ron Hubbard tech.

A&E playing cult commercials during “Intervention”

A&E TV is now playing “Dianetics” commercials during the show “Intervention,” which documents the struggles of young people with addiction and other self-destructive behaviors. Harpoon targets in thread.


14/06/08 – Kansas City BBQ

Kansas City Anons learned that the local Scilons were planning a barbecue behind their org after Saturday’s raid was over, so they planned a miniraid of their own.

17/06/08 DC flashraid

A local Scilon attempts to take photos of Anon licence plates, and gets cockblocked hard.

18/06/08 – Hamburg (Germany) Flash Raid

Hamburg Anons hold their first ever flash raid, targeting the CCHR. Video in thread.

19/06/08 – Minnesota – Moar overpass sign raid!

Minnesota Anons hold another overpass sign raid. Pics in thread.

Minnestoanons share their experiences on how to pull off an effective overpass sign raid.

19/06/08 – Flash raid at Liberty NY

Small flash raid in upstate New York.


Potential Press: Chicago Anons Interviews? – Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Tribune is looking for Anons to interview. Contact details in thread. Participants will be namefagged.

Group pickets Scientology – ocregister.com

Report on Sea Arrrgh. Mentions Fair Game.

Protest movement Anonymous facing difficulties – heise.de [original: in German]

Balance article on Sea Arrrgh, flash raids and the current dip in numbers.

AK Anon – anchoragepress.com

Good press coverage of Anonymous and Operation Sea Arrrgh.

Anonymous Protests Scientology; Peace and Quiet Ensues – Radar Online

Short piece on Operation Sea Arrrgh in Radar Online.

Destin not giving up on blocking Narconon – nwfdailynews.com

New court rulings in South Florida may give Destin residents the power to stop Scientology front group Narconon from opening a halfway house in their neighborhood.

Scientology protester faces court over ‘ambiguous’ sign – scotsman.com

A 57-year old protester has been charged with breach of the peace after carrying an “ambiguous” sign calling Scientology a “cu*t” during Operation Sea Arrrgh in Edinburgh.

Scientologists planning a cruise: Don’t forget your Protective Asbestos Suit – Asbestos.com

Asbestos and Mesothelioma site reports on the Freewinds situation

Tom Cruise cuts capers – AD.nl [original: in Dutch]

Dutch newspaper publishes a follow-up article on Andrew Mortons Amsterdam visit, mentioning (and linking back to) Enturb(!).

Untranslated press in other languages:

Scientology- Scientology – neue Fassade, alte Strategien? – BR (German TV)

German TV runs a documentary piece on Scientology. Some of the material has been used before (links in thread), awaiting translation.

If you can help translate, please email staturday@gmail.com.


List of all celebrities in Scientology

A list of all celebreties who are or have been affilated with Scientology.

Information concerning Narconon and Criminon held by HM Prison Service (UK)

All the information held by the Drugs Strategy Unit on Narconon and Criminon, requested under the Freedom of Information act.

The Washington Congress On Anti-Radiation And Confront Lectures (Tape) ’56 Audio Leak

Hubbard talks about radiation. Help transcribe the lectures!



Need postcard ideas for ‘Operation Over the Wall’? Look no further!

Operation: Auditory Enturbulation

Proposing audio flash raids using a portable PA, and Mp3 player and whatever confidential LRH materials we can get our hands on.

Project Code Breaker

Using publicly available floor plans of RPF facilities to look for building code violations, overcrowding and so on.

Frank Oliver OSA Dox – cliff notes

A project to read and summarize the 208 page testemony of Frank Oliver, former OSA employee.

Think Tank / General Discussion:

YouTube Tech

Great ideas on how to get our videos noticed on YouTube.

Scientology’s Own Banks – Private Owners get % of all sales – Tax Fraud?

UMSBanking.com, the firm that processes payments for Scientology servers is owned by Scientology and exclusively staffed by high-ranking members. This means that any fees charged goes into private hands of high ranking Scientology members; this is one way they are trying to get money from their non-profit church into the private funds of high-ranking members. More info on the ongoing investigation in thread

Defensive offense (new raid idea)

Drawing out Scilon handlers with small numbers of Anon and engaging them in debate, with larger numbers waiting as b(l)ackup if things should get ugly.

Take the fight to eRepublic

A plan to investigate prolific IT company eRepublics ties to Scientology (founder is a member) and determining if action needs to be taken.

Anon Stats Campaign

Publishing our own “stats” to match the Scilons, to show those still inside just how hard we’re winning.

July 4th Fireworks flyering raids

Thread debating the merits of doing some enturbulation on the 4th of July.

Operation: Anonymous for President!

Setting up and running an Anon “presidential campaign”. Pics and discussion in thread.

Operation Fandom!

Because what the world really needs is LRH/Xenu slash fiction.


Tyske Ludder: Industrial band releases EP supporting anonymous!!


Anonymous Delivers: Bikini Contest in Clearwater!

Scientology claims Anonymous is funded by Wikipedia

The new 2008 Scientology Music CD is REALLY creepy

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