Enturbulation.org Week in Review

Update: Week 24 Part 2

Week in Review – Week 24 (2)

Thanks for your patience! Here’s the stuff left out.


Calling Anonymous Writers: Glosslip Looking For Submissions

Dawn Olsen of Glosslip.com is looking for Anons to help write Scientology / Chanology-related material for her site. She’s also considering doing an all-Anon radio show. More info in thread.

Visual Museum of Anonymous launched

New site collecting raid videos, pics and so on.

>9000 Anon March site launched

The new site for the >9000 Anon march, the gathering on anon to march on the National Mall on July 19th, 2008. All the cool SPs will be there, will you?

Stu Wyatt (Plmymouth) arrested!

Plymouth enturbulator Stu Wyatt was arrested and charged with assault on a local Scientologist 12/06. The editor wishes to withold final judgement until the case is up in court, but feels that the fact that Stu is in a f***ing wheelchair could possibly indicate a frivolous charge.


Pirates Are Coming: A Summary of a month worth of SF/SF Bay Area flash raids

10/06/08 San Diego Candle Light Vigil

San Diego Anons hold a candle-lit vigil outside the local Org.

06-08/06/08 Flash Raid Weekend Norway

Oslo Anons warm up for Sea Arrrgh with three days of flyering and pirate shenanigans.

10/06/08 Minnesota – Overpass Sign Raid

Minnesota Anons picket on a freeway overpass, spreading the word to passing motorists. Pix.

10/06/08 Operation: Masquerade – Boston Masks the Statues

After more than a week of planning, Boston Anonymous has executed and completed Operation Masquerade, a secret operation to mask historic statues all over the Greater Boston area. In one night over a span of 4 hours, 11 Anons in 3 cars were able to mask a total of 50 statues and 9 ducks(!).

12/06/08 Denver Flash Raid

Denver anons picket their local org.


Untranslated press in other languages:

If you can help translate, please email staturday@gmail.com.


The Damage So Far: a list of leaks

Anonymous Intelligence Service – OSA info pack

A brief info-pack on OSA, with a video companion.

Saint Hill Special Briefing Course ’61-’66 Transcripts Only

Transcripts of all 437 SHSBC lectures leaked. Audio to follow on a later date.

LIFE Magazine 1968 – Scientology

Scans and transcript of a 1968 TIME feature on Scientology. Highlights include L Ron Hubbard claiming to be the living model for Mr Roberts.

Science of Survival Lectures (4 Disc)

Thetans and the tone scale explained. Not super sekrit dox, but free materials = less hookers and blow for David Miscavige.


Project Fair Pay

Reporting CoS staff abuse to workforce authorities. Have you worked staff at an Org? If you have, please read this thread.

Think Tank:


Want to propose a theme for our next protest? Read this first.

Linguistic Tactics

Getting Scilon words and terms into common usage to twist their meanings. Familiarity breeds contempt. Contempt is good.

Getting the <9000 Man March Ovar 9000

Ideas to involve Anons from all over the world in the <9000 man March at the National Mall Rally.

Possible Operation: Code Enforcement

Going over all COS buildings we know of and reporting every building code violation we can come across, costing them a shitton of money and maybe even forcing them to give their drones better living conditions.

Operation Sisyphus

An idea stolen from Soviet dissidents; slowing down the Scilon bureocracy with letters that have no meaning but are wordy and seem to have something in them.

Operation: Reach Out

A proposition to “reach out” to Scientologists, to show them that we have no problem with the parishoners, only the organisation.

Proposition-Running underground

Suggesting ‘an overall shift from public, open, and generally easy to infiltrate to clandestine, secret, and highly secure channels for local and global collaboration’, in order to make OSA’s lives a little bit harder.

Misc / Lulz:

Moneyed Britfags: “X3NUS” license plate for sale, £399

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