Enturbulation.org Week in Review

06/06 – 12/06

Week in Review – Week 24

Update: review completed


Calling Anonymous Writers: Glosslip Looking For Submissions

Dawn Olsen of Glosslip.com is looking for Anons to help write Scientology / Chanology-related material for her site. She’s also considering doing an all-Anon radio show. More info in thread.

Visual Museum of Anonymous launched

New site collecting raid videos, pics and so on.

>9000 Anon March site launched

The new site for the >9000 Anon march, the gathering on anon to march on the National Mall on July 19th, 2008. All the cool SPs will be there, will you?

Stu Wyatt (Plmymouth) arrested!

Plymouth enturbulator Stu Wyatt was arrested and charged with assault on a local Scientologist 12/06. The editor wishes to withold final judgement until the case is up in court, but feels that the fact that Stu is in a f***ing wheelchair could possibly indicate a frivolous charge.

COS/OSA PR Site Blitzkreig!! Man the Harpoons!

The COS is stepping up the propaganda war, having discovered the free online press release. Fighting us on our own turf? Great idea.

Advertising Standards Authority (UK) tells Scientology to change their leaflets

The ASA tells Scientology to remove all unverified scientific claims from their recruitment materials, including claims of curing diseases and the statement that Dianetics makes psychiatry / pshychology obsolete.

Albuquerque Anons Take Action Now!

‘You best start writing and making some phone calls, or you’re going to get an Ideal Org squatting in your city, bringing down the area and crumbling gently into disrepair’.

Cook Islands PM Says “NO” to Scientology

Prime minister Jim Marurai confirmed that government will not give official endorsement to the controversial church of Scientology to operate its programmes in the Cook Islands.

Scientology “medicine” banned in Hungary

A high-up Hungarian Scientologist, who has been making good money selling Hubbard-approved vitamins, recently had most of his products banned from sale after local health authorities inspected his stash.

Video of “secret” Vault and house, in New Mexico Base (old news)

A News 13 report on Scientology’s Super Sekrit Vault in New Mexico.

CoS declares to US Gov’t that book selling is not a fund-raising activity

The COS argues that their bookathons and suchlike qualify as missionary work, rather than fundraising. Stp charging people for your books, then we’ll talk.

Clearwater PI confronted

A Clearwater Anon confronts the PI spying on him. Pics in thread.

Alabama woman cites Scientology in suit over job loss

An Alabama woman has filed suit against her former employer, a dentist who required her to study materials by L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology. After she complained on local radio, she was fired.

Samakar Responds to Letterfagging by COS

The Church of Scientology have been stepping up their “cease and desist” letters lately. Samakar (of LA) has made a video response to his letter, posted here.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Goodwill Tour in Zambia – American Chronicle

Scientology vult… “goodwill” ministers are currently in Zambia, working with local government and groups to “improve conditions” using Hubbard “tech”.

Have you recieved a Cease and Desist letter from Wilson & Campilongo? Read this.


Compilation Video of The Dutch Raids

Pirates Are Coming: A Summary of a month worth of SF/SF Bay Area flash raids

10/06/08 San Diego Candle Light Vigil

San Diego Anons hold a candle-lit vigil outside the local Org.

06-08/06/08 Flash Raid Weekend Norway

Oslo Anons warm up for Sea Arrrgh with three days of flyering and pirate shenanigans.

10/06/08 Minnesota – Overpass Sign Raid

Minnesota Anons picket on a freeway overpass, spreading the word to passing motorists. Pix.

10/06/08 Operation: Masquerade – Boston Masks the Statues

After more than a week of planning, Boston Anonymous has executed and completed Operation Masquerade, a secret operation to mask historic statues all over the Greater Boston area. In one night over a span of 4 hours, 11 Anons in 3 cars were able to mask a total of 50 statues and 9 ducks(!).

12/06/08 Denver Flash Raid

Denver anons picket their local org.

06/06/08 Honolulu First Friday Flash Raid, 6/6

Hawai Anons cloes down the Honolulu org in less than a minute. Scilons call police. Police arrive, hang out with Anon for a while, and then leave.

07/06/08 San Josa CA flash raid

Scilons turn the sprinklers on picketing Anon. Anon party in the rain. Pictures here.

07/06/08 Scilons at a flea market in Buffalo NY – solo raid

Anonymusicz heroically raids a Scilon stress test table at the local flea market(!) all by himself. New lows ahoy!. Video in thread.

07/06/08 Hollywood Kodak Theater Raid

LA Anons and Magoo picket the “World Flag Tour” at Hollywood Kodak Theatre. Video in thread.

07/06/08 Chicago Book Fair

Chicago Anons spread the word at the Chicago Book Fair. Pictures in thread.

07/06/08 Toronto, Ontario Mini Raid (epic after hours win)

Anon shut down the Toronto Org, and follow the Scilons as they try to sneakily redeploy their recruitment table at a local African drumming festival. When a festival employee (acting on false info from the Scilons) start threatening Anon to get them to leave, a Scilon steps up and defends them(!). More in thread.

08/06/08 San Diego Flash Raid

SF Anons picket their local org. The org pretty much shuts down as they arrive, so they dance a little instead.

07-08/06/08 Denver People’s Fair Raid

Scilons set up their cult recruitment tables at the Denver People’s Fair, Anon show their support. Pics in thread.

08/06/08 Gay Pride, West Hollywood

Anon spread the word. Not a Scilon in sight (no surprise there). They can cure it, you know.

08/06/08 Small LA Flyer Raid

LA Anons take to the beach for sun and informations.

08/06/08 Stuttgart, Germany Flash raid

Stuttgart Anons try to reach out to people still trapped in the cult. Video in thread.

11/06/08 San Diego Org gets non-raided

Realising their planning channels were being watched, San Diego Anons falsely announced a raid, shutting down their local org without even having to get out of their parents basement.


Anonymous on More 4 news (UK)

More 4 reports on Anonymous, Scientology and the C-word controversy.

Hungarian News Channel show protest & interviews OSA volunteers

Hungarian cable news channel Hír TV report on the 25 May Budapest protest and Anonymous vs. Scientology in general. They interviewed the OSA guys who were recording the protest. Video in thread.

We broke free of Scientology – Glamour.com

Article from Glamour’s July issue on Scientology, featureing Jenna Miscavige Hill and Astra Woodcraft. Link is to online version.

Help for victims of Scientology – Tagesspiegel [original: in German]

The German government has set up a support unit for the victims of cults, including Scientology.

Beleaguered Building – Pasadena Star News

Scilons in Pasadena have bought a historic buliding, but so far seems to have no plans for it. We’re not saying a non-profit “church” engages in property speculation…

Dis-turban the peace, in style – NY Daily news

NY Daily News Gossip coloumn talks about Operation Sea Arrrgh.

Anonymous vs. Scientology, The battle has been taken to the sea! – newsblaze.com

Article on the Sea Arrrgh vs Sea Org protest.

Anonymous Takes to the High Seas in Latest Protest – Radar Online

Even moar on the Sea Arrrgh!


Leak Requests – have you got these documents?

The Damage So Far: a list of leaks

Anonymous Intelligence Service – OSA info pack

A brief info-pack on OSA, with a video companion.

Saint Hill Special Briefing Course ’61-’66 Transcripts Only

Transcripts of all 437 SHSBC lectures leaked. Audio to follow on a later date.

LIFE Magazine 1968 – Scientology

Scans and transcript of a 1968 TIME feature on Scientology. Highlights include L Ron Hubbard claiming to be the living model for Mr Roberts.

Science of Survival Lectures (4 Disc)

Thetans and the tone scale explained. Not super sekrit dox, but free materials = less hookers and blow for David Miscavige.

Scientology SF Gateway Mazagine (Purification Rundown)

An issue of the San Fransisco Org’s magazine, dedicated almost in its entirety to the purification rundown.

Can We Ever Be Friends (Tape) ’85 (Audio)

A tape/lecture given to families who have been disconnected from, explaining how it really only “feels” like disconnection. Also: deprogramming is just brainwashing and does not work.

I.A.S. Reshaping The Destiny of Earth (DVD) ’06

A short Scilon propaganda piece. Something for ViedoAnon to exploit.

FLAG World Tour (DVD) 2005

Scilon internal DVD, mainly notable because a statement by Danielle Perkins that Scientology makes people saner. Danielle’s mother was killed by her own son, after Scientologists had opted to treat his mounting Pshychosis with autiting rather than drugs.

Scientology Price List (2007)

Fresh from Wikileaks, a price list of all the “religious services” offered by Scientology.

The Technique 80 Lectures(The Route To Infinity) (’88 Tape) ’52

Hubbard talks about supermen, faith healing and how to “command and create” time.

The Life Continuum Lectures (Tape) ’51

Even more leaky goodness.

Hubbard calls Jesus a mind-control implant

New from Wikileaks, this 1968 audio tape has Hubbard speaking about, amongst other things, the nature of other religions.

Leaked ABLE International E-mail

They claim there is no such thing as depression, bi-polar disorder or ADHD/ADD and what truly kills children who are suicidal is their medication, not their depression/anxiety/etc. Not a front group? My entire ass.

OT3 Lectures leaked: audio and transcripts

A super sekrit lecture/tape that was sold in the 70-80’s with the OT lectures. 100% Pure insanity all the way. Earth as a dumping ground for aliens, taking over political leaders bodies, invader forces, space installations and more.

The Time Track of Theta (More On The History of Man Lectures) (’88 Tape) ’52

More about the “history” of the universe. Expect aliens.

Leaked LRH congress lectures for all!

Full 15 cds set of the first Scientology Congress leaked on Enturb. More to come.

How To Confront And Shatter Suppression (Tape) ’63-’66

Hubbard talks about SP’s and PTS’s.

The Purpose of A Lawsuit Is To Harass -Whole Original Doc leaked

Did you ever wonder where the famous Scientology “the purpose of a lawsuit is to harass” quote comes from?Grab these files and flip to page 55, or just check out this scan.

Ron’s Journals 28-36-38-39-67 (Tape/Audio)

LRH internal “journals”, intended as updates for fellow Scientologists, reporting how the research is progressing and so forth.

The Whole Track (A Series of Lectures)

LRH explaining the history of Earth / the Universe. Expect aliens, marcabians, and maybe even Xenu.

Leaked transcripts : the first 90 SHSBC lectures

There are more than 400 Saint Hill Special Briefing Course Lectures. A lot of these lectures are no longer available on the current SHSBC. The first 90 have been leaked on Enturb.

Multi-leaks : assorted lecture transcripts, courses, books, docs

A grab-bag of text-only leaks, some released before, including Scientology 8-8008, Dianetics 55, ‘Have You Lived Before This Life’ and other goodies.

The Road To Freedom(CD/VHS) ’86

‘The Road to Freedom’ CD and VHS has been leaked. An all-star record extolling the virtues of LRH in glorious eighties pop stylings.

One Man (VHS Birthday Music Video)

A music video montage made by the COS to mark the birthday of L Ron Hubbard.


Project Fair Pay

Reporting CoS staff abuse to workforce authorities. Have you worked staff at an Org? If you have, please read this thread.

Update: Saint Hill – Rockanon

As the outdoors festival idea went tits up, the plan is now to stage smaller concerts all over the world, on the same day.

Declaratory Ruling

Forcing Scientology to either sue or stop sending cease/desist letters to outed Anon. Lawyerspeak ITT.

Slaughter the Narconon cash cow

Attemtping to shut down the flow of cash from Narconon to Scientology by exposing Narconon’s unscientific and dangerous treatment methods.

Transcription Effort: First Scientology Congress

Transcribing the Scientology Congresses leaked earlier this week.

Can you help?

Think Tank / General Discussion:

Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988 and Scientology

Scientology sec-checks might be illegel under a law that prohibits empoyers from subjecting their employees to lie detector tests and so forth.

The “Hydra Strategy”, the new decentralized aproach involving themes

A proposal to forego centralised thems in order to confuse and enturbulate the Scilons.

A few tips for camera-anons

Considering the recent spate of attacks on Anon by Scilons, Thomas Anonymous shares a few essential tips on how to make sure your video evidence is as good as possible.

A discourse on think tanks and their efficacy

A thread on how to create a good climate for ideas to grow in.

Use of Scilon memes to get the Anonymous message across better.

Using the Scientologists own lingo to get our message across.

Protips on getting info from your local org

Tips on how to get information about upcoming events, stress test recruitment drives, bookathons and so forth from your local Scientology franchise.


Want to propose a theme for our next protest? Read this first.

Linguistic Tactics

Getting Scilon words and terms into common usage to twist their meanings. Familiarity breeds contempt. Contempt is good.

Getting the <9000 Man March Ovar 9000

Ideas to involve Anons from all over the world in the <9000 man March at the National Mall Rally.

Possible Operation: Code Enforcement

Going over all COS buildings we know of and reporting every building code violation we can come across, costing them a shitton of money and maybe even forcing them to give their drones better living conditions.

Operation Sisyphus

An idea stolen from Soviet dissidents; slowing down the Scilon bureocracy with letters that have no meaning but are wordy and seem to have something in them.

Operation: Reach Out

A proposition to “reach out” to Scientologists, to show them that we have no problem with the parishoners, only the organisation.

Proposition-Running underground

Suggesting ‘an overall shift from public, open, and generally easy to infiltrate to clandestine, secret, and highly secure channels for local and global collaboration’, in order to make OSA’s lives a little bit harder.


UK Channel 4: Peep Show. Jeremy takes a PERSONALITY TEST and joins a CULT

Collapsible “stealth” sign for picketing ITT

Moneyed Britfags: “X3NUS” license plate for sale, £399

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I love these weekly updates – keep up the good work!

Comment by Anonymous

Don’t forget Stu Wyatt’s recent arrest.

Comment by number 6

Not to mention the Marcab Invasion

Comment by Anonymous

Scientology is first and foremost organized crime. Scientology holds the distinction of having committed the single most widespread act of domestic espionage against the United States in our nation’s history in an operation the crime syndicate calls “Operation Snow White,” a project which the Scientology corporation has never canceled despite 11 of its top ringleaders being sent to prison (L. Ron Hubbard fled from Federal officers and hid at Gilman Hot Springs while he let his wife take the fall.)


The crime syndicate’s quack medical front they call “NarCONon” is another profound and disturbing scam being committed against society. Not only does their insane NarCONon quack notions not work, it can maim and has some times killed, and even more disturbing, it diverts people away from REAL drug treatment facilities — and drains their victim’s bank accounts by some $20,000 bucks which is the whole point.


How insane is that?

Avoid Scientology at all costs.

My opinions only and only my opinions.

Comment by Fredric L. Rice

Magnificent items from you, man. I’ve take into account your stuff previous to and you’re simply too wonderful.
I actually like what you’ve obtained here, really like what you’re stating and the way in which by which you are saying it.
You make it enjoyable and you continue to care for to keep it smart.

I can’t wait to learn far more from you. That is really a tremendous website.

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up to other viewers that they will help, so here it happens.

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